Bumps on the Journey – Part Deux

My previous Part 1, I really took a swing at Amway (Sorry to you Amroids) which may have been a little unfair. One of the things that I learned is to take personal responsibility, for my actions. Yea, the typical networking marketing love bombing  and inferred lack of success anyone has if they do not see that their deal is the Holy Grail, that is directed your way, may work if you are not sure of yourself and what you are doing in life.

Even Dr’s, Lawyers and every type of professional are susceptible to this of mind games. They could be making 200k a year and some loser in a busted down Tercel will tell them that they have no dream….. AND THEY LISTEN!, Just ask my friend, Rich, from Window Tinting Long Island.¬† I spoke with him recently about his foray into the dark realms of mind controlling network marketing.

It was like he experienced that dismal drama yesterday as he spoke about this life episode with such clarity. I was chasing the dream, he said to me. They knew how to take advantage of that deep desire to succeed and be excepted.

Rich further elaborated that when your emotions supersede common business sense, that is your heading towards the tsunami of financial ruin. Little did he know that years later he would find solace in a home window tinting business.

This is my point I have been trying to make (at least that is what I think I am trying to do). Don’t let something that has a vested interest in sucking you try and use the Jedi mind trick on you.



2. 2nd point to success

Be careful who you tell. You could be telling someone who actually believes you, but they are not excited for you, but for the wads of Benjamin’s you will be handing over to their greasy fingers. Then you have the others that will just yes you till the words come out of them like some retarded automaton.

“You can’t become an Eagle if you hang out with the Turkeys”

I think I saw that on a box of Corn Flakes, who knows. But hey, it makes sense. Why on God’s green earth would someone ever take advise from another person who has not traveled that perilous path you are traveling on? Only the person who has can give you the proper guidance in helping you to avoid the same ditches that they may have fell in.

3. Free Advise is Expensive

You know what I taking about. You Google everything and you look for the 49 dollar “Secret to Success” package online. Or maybe, worse yet, your brain is so dilapidated from the yearning for success at all costs that you staying up at night, becoming an infomercial zombie.

Free or cheap advise is the worst. I really see this in the Internet Marketing field. People who call themselves marketers regurgitate garbage that they got from someone else expecting to become successful. Do you know who is becoming successful? The people selling that foul smelling feces.

Yup.. you are there business, and they got their sticky fingers deep in you pockets. Pulling out the last of their hard earned cash. They are like the Politicians we all have learned to despise. They come with the childish smirk, telling you the sky will be blue again if you vote for them. They promise you nirvana, but as soon as they get in, you are like that worn newspaper that is used to catch bird droppings.

I have not seen to may marketers willing to drop 1k, 2k, 5k or higher to learn from someone who has made money online. Did you get that? From “Someone who has made money online” from a really products or service business. Not just selling courses online on how to do what you are doing. As a matter of fact if that is what is being sold then that is what you are truly learning, how to scam people out of their money by lying to them that you have done what your course has said but you haven’t

Ok. I am getting a bit hungry right now so I will leave you guys with the little bit that I have written with the hopes that someone can get something out of this.