The Bumps on the Journey to Success

Hello guys, Tom here sipping on my pina colada just getting my fingers relaxed and ready to spit out my mind.

The thing that I have been learned is the need to look at things from other people’s perspective. This is the secret to success I believe. You see not everyone thinks like you do and if all you did was hang out and communicate with people who think like you, then you have limited your sphere of influence to those ridiculously boring friends that you imitate some semblance of life.

Being a successful entrepreneur did not come overnight for me.  I did all of the things you should do and more the of the things you should never do.

First thing you should never do to become successful is

1. Join Amway

Seriously. Who gets scammed by this cult? Well I did. Now I know some mind numbing Ambot will find this post and try and tell me how I have no dream and I don’t understand residual income…blah…blah..blah. Did I forget to tell you that job’s are evil and selling soap is good?

Who joins Amway? I have come to a conclusion that it is people that are missing something deep in their life and are looking to achieve it through this masochistic business. I mean, where else can you buy a bunch of overpriced products and “Teaching” tapes that will not only teach you the business, but how to be a financial success. LOL!

These tapes dribbled the same ludicrous diatribe over and over. The the events were the same. People parading across the stage to whip you up into a frenzy so you will keep buying more crap for as long as they can continue to hypnotize you.

This remind me of the movie YES MAN

Did you watch it? That is basically an AMWAY meeting. You are perversely over peer pressurized to promote their promiscuously happy banter till you submit.

Listen, I am not downing network marketing as a legitimate business model. The argument that only the people at the top and you need to get in early to make the big bucks, is true in nearly every industry. Can you start a new car company and overtake the majors. I know Tesla is not doing bad, but how long did it take that to happen?

  1. All I want to know is a few things?
  2. Is the product in demand?
  3. Is it priced competitively?
  4. Is there sufficient profit available?
  5. What type of marketing is allowed?

Once I get past these then I can look at the overall compensation plan to see if this would be a profitable venture. You see, I am the worst person for a typical network marketing company because I don’t care about the hype. I care if I will see a return on my investment is a reasonable amount of time. 5 years is too long to wait. My business, which is Internet Marketing, took a while to get off the ground, but I will get my original investment back in less then 6 months! Booyah!!

If you want more info as to why you should never join Amway, check this out.

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