Dying for Money

When of the things I noticed is that what can inhibit a person from succeeding in business is an insatiable lust for money. You would actually try and sell you mom undergarments that are not stitched correctly. Now that’s a disgusting thought

When you look at a customer, all you see is dollar signs and you want to figure out how much can you pull out of the moron and how little you can give. I am going to give you something that I mindfully meditate on, day and night.


Under Promise and Over Deliver

You are setting yourself up if you promise your customer your first born. This always lead to disaster. If the product or service you sell cannot stand on its own, the either dump it or fix it. You see, if what you do solves a problem, then if you deliver above that, you will develop a life long customer.

I like to give my service away for free at first. I remember my wife telling me, no.. don’t do that, they will take advantage of you. And guess what? There were a couple of knuckle heads who did. I remember though when I got my first client. I was sending his business a bunch of leads which I made nothing from. I was able to get him on the phone and discuss the lead squiring strategies he was doing and the fact that he had an SEO guy that was not really doing much for his website. I took a look at his website and educated him as to why it wasn’t. After that, he fired is SEO guy, and he gave me his business starting at 1,000 per month.

Now why would someone do something like that? Well, He was paying 1250 per month for lead generation\SEO work. I could have easily charged him more, but I decided to over deliver. Why? Because I wanted a customer for life. Plus the work I actually had to do month to month was minimal because I was already sending him lots of business while the other guy  was not!

I made a decision that if I was going to be in business that any deal I do must be a win win situation. I was not looking to soak my clients and that I would drop anyone who tried to take advantage of me.

Life is too short to be looking over your shoulder

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