When the Lazy Win

There was a time not too long ago when a person always looked to improve themselves. Maybe it was through the use of self help books or maybe it was improving your skills.

One thing that was pretty common knowledge or at least common sense, at least some time in our history, was that the more intricate or more difficult the solution that you solved the more you got paid. And also the harder you work you get paid more.

Now that being said, certain types of hard work got more money than other types of hard work. Obviously someone who works, let’s say as a teacher, even though that profession is noble, will not make as much as a brain surgeon.

So when you were a kid, maybe you started with a paper route as I did. Then sometime later maybe you got a job at a convenience store or the gas station.

Maybe you took vocational training at high school or when to a trade school to learn a skill. Some of you may have learned a skill through “On the  job” training. Others went to college taking a wide variety of career paths.

At this level is understood that certain professions earn more then other professions. Even within those professions, it is understood that certain specialized skill sets and experiences earn more with a profession or trade.

One thing is for sure. We all start from the bottom. At least till now.

Starting at the bottom, one thing for sure was that working at McDonald’s or doing any other menial task such as cleaning carpets or cleaning homes or certain retail positions, washing dishes, etc, you were paid minimum-wage or barely above minimum-wage. Now guess what? Those jobs are supposed to suck!! You were supposed to receive crappy wages!!!

Why? Because a monkey can do it, that’s why. Why should anyone who cleans bathroom make even minimum wage? I don’t believe in minimum wage, but that is a topic for another story.

I remember being a dishwasher making minimum-wage. Boy I hated that job. But it did give me some money while I was in high school, to take out my girlfriend. So it served it’s purpose.

But years later, I could never survive on the wages of the dishwasher or working at a fast food joint. But in my thinking the way to make more money was to improve my skill set. So I went to school in improve my ability to earn.

Unfortunately there is the ludicrously lazy movement out there want wants everyone to be paid a minimum of $15 an hour. That would bring a full-time wage earner to a minimum of $31,000 a year. Well 31,200 to be exact.

Now you tell me what’s wrong with this picture? You’re going to tell me that someone who makes coffee, which is something anybody can do, is going to make 31,200 a year as a full-time employee? Making me a cup of coffee? Seriously?

OK, so let me make this more real. A lot of entry-level trade jobs are at $30,000 or so  a year and office jobs are at $30k a year and require considerably more effort and more know how to flip a burger.

An entry level aircraft electrician in Alabama makes about 43,000 a year. A person who actually has to train and use their brain only makes 12,000 more than the burger flipper!!

In audiovisual tech in Mobile Alabama entry-level will make a approximately $38,000 a year. So someone who washes dishes is going to make 31,000 a year? Are you kidding me?

We have hit an age of laziness and entitlement. People want everything for doing absolutely nothing. Getting your  Obamaphone is becoming a way of life for the morbidly uninspired.

Hopefully this contagion can be contained.


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