Outlasting the all of the Chumps

Hey Folks. The big Tom here to give you another nugget.

One of the biggest lessons that I have discovered in life is that the persistent win. You need tenacity in order to push through the rough periods that will always occur. Hey, that is life and life is always throwing those sucky curve balls.

Taking constant persistent action is necessary to break through those invisible barriers that everyone seems to encounter.


I promise, you will encounter them. It could be tangible blocks such as time, money, lack of resources or it can be something intangible, such as results from task not coming out as expected,

Everyone always attempts to be the smartest or the best of what they are doing. They push and push to be the absolute expert at what they do and feel that will bring them over the top to fame and fortune.

I am here to break the sad news for you. You are truly wrong on this.

I can site a major example of this. Microsoft never produced the best software. I am not saying what they had was junk. Not even the best promotion can will work very well if the product is garbage.  You will be outed worse then Bill Cosby was.

What I am saying is Microsoft had average products. They did what they were supposed to do, but were nothing spectacular or ground-breaking, yet they dominate many markets.

They crushed Novell, in the category for networking software. They utterly annihilated Wordperfect in Word processing. They crushed Lotus Notes with Microsoft Exchange.

I remember Lotus Notes from a while back. Do you know any corporation which still uses them?

Microsoft took over office productivity and even trounced Netscape with Internet Explorer.

What about Windows? That was truly brilliant. Not the operating system, but the name. Widows is something you look through in order to see something else.

Now was Microsoft’s products better? I can tell you as an I.T. person at that time, the answer is an unequivocal no.

So why did they dominate those segments of the marketplace? They reason they did was persistent and consistent advertising.

They were everywhere and anywhere telling the masses they had the answer to their problems

It was a constant drumbeat, plus you would be cool if you used their products. Then the retail industry was saying the same thing about Microsoft products.

Soon, nearly everything was about them. So much noise that it drowned out what the other competitors were saying.

A few of MS’s enemies such as Oracle, Citrix and Quicken were able to beat back the onslaught. But many other companies either succumbed or were nearly eliminate and reduced to obscurity, like Apple was.

This is a lesson about succeeded. You do not need to be the best. Like I said, that does not mean you purposely put out garbage. You should be the best at what you do or your product should be the best at what it does.

What I am saying is that is not enough. You can to create noise for an extended period of time about who you or your company and what you  offer.

You have to be willing to outwork your competition. If your competition averages 10 sales calls a day, you need to do 50.

If your competition does about 5 Facebook posts a day, you need to do 20. Your sound needs to be bigger then your competition till it gets to the point they talk about you. Negative or positive, it does not matter. As long as they are yapping about you, that is what is important in the scheme of things.

See, when you develop the haters, you will also attract the people who will respect and listen what you have to offer.

Sales is not your problem, Obscurity is. Not only obscurity, but underestimating what you will need to do to accomplish your goals.

Always be willing to do more and to do what your competition is not willing to do. Then do this over a period of time, being consistent and persistent.

In the end, you will win while all of you naysayers are trying to catch up.


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