A Cesspool Service that Smells Great

Did I actually make a blog post about a cesspool and septic service company?  Are you kidding me! Hey everyone this is Tom again. I know some of you are wondering about the headline. But some of the most potentially nauseating businesses may be doing things that we all can learn from.

Cesspool Service Long Island (http://www.cesspoolservicelongisland.org) is one of those companies that has use dogged persistence and willingness to do what the competitors refuse to do, that has made them the top cesspool and septic tank service company in Suffolk County New York.

It was always said that Long Islanders a full of crap! That is known more by all of the sewer and septic companies on Long Island.

Those guys along with the plumbers have to deal with all of our crap and we’re not speaking figuratively either.

In my last post, I spoke almost religiously about the need to be persistent and needing to do the things your competition is not willing to do and to do all of those things enough times and consistently over an extended period of time as to eventually overwhelm your competition.

That is exactly what they have done. Let me say this again and please pay close attention. If all you do is out muscle your competitors over an extended period of time, you’re going to win.

Now, what do  doesn’t have to be something huge and spectacular. You don’t need to be jumping out of helicopters and diving into a cesspool full of fecal matter to get your point across!

You don’t need exploding septic tanks, pumping cesspools that fill football stadiums, or anything in the ridiculous category.

What you need is consistent and persistent action. And that action has to be something that adds value to your company and your customers.

What Cesspool Service Long Island did was pretty simple.

First of all they went all out on promotion. They tauted the professionalism of their technicians and of the company in general. They gave 100% guarantees on their service. They were aggressive to get positive reviews on both Google and Yelp.

They were aggressive in getting testimonials on their website and by the way, actually having a professional looking website. You won’t believe how many cesspool and septic pumping companies have garbage websites. They also amplified their competitive costs along with the high level of service they gave.

They also used a variety of methods to get new customers. Not only did they use ingenious social media methods to acquire new leads, But they also used traditional methods such as local shopping papers and door-to-door sales.

While new media is where the majority of people now look for goods and services, Cesspool Service Long Island also knew, to completely win, they also had to dominate traditional media.

For advertisements placed in newspapers, they used phone tracking numbers. What I’m saying is they used an individual tracking phone number for each type of advertisement. So if one paper had two different types of advertisements, there would be two tracking phone numbers, one for each advertisement. That way they would know which one was the most effective.

You could even use this method with traditional media as far as websites are concerned. Landing pages with unique URLs would need to be created. The URLs should be close to whatever the main website URL is. For example, one could make an alternate URL for Cesspool Service Long Island by adding an additional word, numbers, or a combination of letters and numbers. This way you will even have individualize tracking for each paper advertisement.

Even with the door-to-door sales reps, they went the extra mile to ensure excellence.  They made sure that they were very outgoing, good listeners, and knew how to ask for the sale multiple times. They had contests between the reps so they could get additional bonuses and win prizes.

They didn’t look at how much they were spending per sales rep, but they were looking at the volume of sales they were bringing in for cesspool pumping and septic tank repair.

Sales is what matters and most business owners do not understand this. They concentrate in customer service which implies there’s not enough new customers in L.I..

That is a poverty mentality that the number one cesspool and septic tank company in Long Island does not ascribe to.

They were persistent and consistent in having massive amounts of action being taken. They were also willing to do what other competitors were unwilling to do and there were willing to go through the bumps till they achieved overwhelming success.

When you want to be number one just as Cesspool Service Long Island is, you will not take a backseat to anyone!


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